Treetop is a small cottage operation out of Chicago, IL. It started when I found some canvas scraps and had a supply of old toe straps. Wanting a saddle wedge that another bagmaker had discontinued from their line, I set to work making a saddle wedge, sewing by hand. I slowly started adding a small array of tools and soon realized that bagmaking included not only sewing abilities but leatherworking skills as well. Continuing to sew bags by hand for about a year, I offered bags to fellow cyclists.

          From that beginning, I've learned a lot, upgraded some tools, and begun sewing with a machine. With lots of practice in designing bags, figuring out what works and what doesn't, and honing my leatherworking skills, we are proud to announce a new line of bags, slated to be available Spring 2017. As we've also taken on custom designs in the past, we may continue to take a small number of custom bags spots throughout the year when time allows. Semi-custom options will also be available.

I'm currently in the process of re-vamping my line up of bags. All bags appear as 'Coming Soon' - feel free to send a message if you're interested in a bag now and I should be able to make up a small amount of orders. Thanks!